City Council Members Endorse Sam Johnson for Mayor

Council Members Sam Davis and Ed McDowell praise Johnson’s leadership and vision

Columbia, SC – Two  City Council Members, Sam Davis (District 1) and Ed McDowell (District 2), endorsed Columbia Mayoral candidate Sam Johnson Monday morning at the Farrow Road Development Site praising Johnson’s long history of leadership and vision for Columbia’s future.

“I’m proud to stand with these two leaders today because this is our vision, a Columbia where every man, woman and child has the chance to live up to his or her potential…a city of ideas…a city of opportunity,” Johnson said.”We believe in Columbia. We believe in our promise as a city and as a people and we won’t stop until that vision is a reality for all.”

This is latest in a string of wins for the Johnson campaign including a string of endorsements for community and neighborhood leaders and last month’s news that Sam Johnson has raised significantly more money than all other candidates combined.

    Columbia City Councilman Sam Davis, District 1:    “I’ve known Sam for about 14 years and, whether it was finding the resources for a new pool and playground at Greenview Park, bringing new small businesses into the North Main corridor or working to integrate local,     minority contractors into the Bull Street project, I’ve always known that Sam doesn’t make empty promises. He gets the job done.    “Sam is not just satisfied with the Columbia we have now. He dares to imagine the Columbia we want to see going forward and I’m proud to endorse him as our next mayor.”

    Columbia City Councilman Ed McDowell, District 2:    “I am impressed with Sam Johnson’s vision for our city. He has demonstrated that vision over and over again. He pushes us. He challenges us. How wonderful it is to have his kind of energy and so we come to lend our     support and endorse Sam Johnson for Mayor of Columbia.”

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